Bivouac-William Street Perth . W.A.

ImageBivouac William Street -Perth W.A.

This work was done in the back area of Bivouac Restuarant a few years ago now but I found an old draft that I thought was worth editing and re-posting as my site is getting a facelift this week, Since I have re-located to Japan I felt it was time to restructure the entire domian and introduce new works. However as a tribute to the years I have worked in Perth Western Australia and I have done many works that reside there I will from time to time revisit some old drafts and publish them accordingly starting with this old chapter,and I shall tell you a little about how I produced it. So I was hired by this lovely couple that ran this restuarant it took me about four weekends to complete as I was freestyling the work and only working off my music and relying on that to help me produce the drama it does always assist me well in expressing myself. I called this piece “STARK” as I think it was the name of the track I was playing over and over by Markus Interlex R.I.P it was the soul catcher to the work I think it worked out well and I’m sure if you visited The Bivouac Perth for a bite to eat and visit the back area it should still be there.



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