Commissioned Murals – 0:1 / Perth Western Australia – Planet Freshwater – Zach

Kicking off with Hiddlestone Electric Company This commission seemed to go on forever set in Subiaco I must have visited this wall and became personal friends with it. At first I started with just doing my thang it was always Hot weather when I worked on this wall so the sun not only blistered me but the paint was losing flavor the orange is now turning pink but to combat the heat I worked on a new design cleaned it up put a black backdrop to help push the vibrant colour lots of technical elements to represent the Electrical company but added my favourite style and my passion for sci-fi and robots is apparent ,the idea of telling the story of the plug goes in starts the fan heats up all the lights and switches finishing with a spinning small fan at the end and an ohm symbol which was a client request painted in copper and gold. Later almost year I revisited to see her and they had installed lights which interchange I found a video below. Nice work on the lights guys nice one!!