Zach Freshwater Presents : The Bang & Olufsen A8 & A9 Satellite speaker dish Cover artworks

Welcome to the history of artworks generated for the A8 and A9 Satellite speaker dish manufactured and produced by Bang & Olufsen audio and visual company. I was selected in western australia to work on a project to assist in marketing these products .The challenge began and I got it to work on the first cover for the A9 which was done on a white fabric at first I wanted to use just glow in the dark paint so that you could only see it at night and it worked well but was pointless as in the day of course you couldn’t see the work but loved the hidden idea as an element of surprise for potential customers (and it works wonders) so I started using brush & ink over the top of the glow paint and introduced other spray’s too. I painted everything by hand and directly onto this cloth so that I didn’t block the sound that would come out of the speaker in fact apply the brush to the thread keeping the perforations clear. A long and arduous process but with good results, this meant I would have to play music and work on the speaker live and to add more danger I was applying water so I am surprised I didn’t get zapped or fried during the process. I took as much as risk as possible with the work and had many late nights, sometimes right through till the morning. The covers are 1 mm thick and difficult to install as they crunch up into a shower cap. You have to thread by hand (I became a master at this after a while) The A9 which is still on the market today and I recently visiting the Tokyo store have a much more durable weave thread than the ones I worked on.  Below is one article that was published in the West Australian Newspaper July 19th 2014 by Dennis Ligane and a short interview.10378097_10153048708914358_2062502272441699398_n10629767 - 10152226941421854 - 4514832972612586653_n

1459699_10151751075761854_1948899402_n1470139 - 10151757626801854 - 1374557863 - n1474457 - 10151716321911854 - 728744200 - n1474604 - 10151758204131854 - 398167786 - n1501843 - 10151757645971854 - 353490415 - n558569 - 10151775164731854 - 654242677 - n993434_10151738667081854_662146916_n999644_10151673236246854_576624758_n1012533 ​​- 10151858540341854 - 72184772 - n1379752_10151691679601854_1503086862_n1392008 - 10151639732881854 - 1377545792 - n1393652_10151688654191854_86818904_n1452068 - 10151777004941854 - 1037059538 - n

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