DIFFERENT RESPONSE Album – By ZED BIAS Released on EXIT RECORDS UK – Artwork commission

It’s never easy when you have produced an artwork that must fit like a glove to The production of the music, so I requested the music exclusivley given to me before release heehee !, and saturated my mind with the flavor of the music to the moon the work was produced in Ink only and brush and it took some building so here are the early production snapshots.  



Below is a write up from Musician and Artist: ZED BIAS when the album was released –

Mailing out some of these Badboys today.

Writing the addresses down and realising just how this album was truly an ‘international’ effort  😊  Contributors and collaborators from India, Dubai, Sweden, Australia, London, Bristol, Nottingham and not forgetting Sunny Manchester.

I want to give my old school friend Zach Freshwater a special thank you for create the time to create a beautiful watercolour, with which which we created all the LP artwork.

I saw Zach was in in 1989, his bedroom, in the small town where we went to school, him showing me how to cut and scratch on one turntable .. He showed me Boogie Down Productions for the first time that night among other hip hop records I ‘d never heard before.

Fast forward 28 years and now we are living in different continents. And this happened !!

Bigup Zach much love

Vinyls in the post  😉