Two years in the making for this project, a wonderful Journey to Beautiful NIKKO JAPAN initially to produce a book, which was finally produced but then became an exhibition held in Perth Fremantle at the Moores building a great turn out and quite happy with the overall production . Included the newspaper article below.


shrine 1Iemitsua-tok 02.IMG_1382


I spent two weeks in Nikko walking around and stopping occationally to draw and paint these.


sketches 2




These are just a few pages that were part of the book there are 100 pages in total the photos were originally taken and incorporated from an old Japanese Album dating back to 1879 the photos had some manual hand brush work added to them , these were the catalyst to my adventure to NIKKO JAPAN after I researched into finding out where they came from. It generally took sometime in collecting indiviual japanese cloth for each one for a backdrop and notes added taken from my Journal. In order to script some level of storyboard I also included portraiture of my own of people I met in Japan.

Yomie 1Toku 1KokamonExplorer11867Nikko-2Toku 2A-japan-zach


SUMI-E painting , I did quite a number of these using a tradition Japanese inkstone and bamboo brush. The black ink is applied by rubbing it onto the stone with water and then you saturate the brush in the ink to then apply to rice paper. I was fortunate to have three stamps of my own craved from stone two were hand made in Japan one in Katakana (hanko) two others in kanji you need all three when painting, if all three are present on the painting it indicates that it is finished. The Sumi-e were included throughout the book as to provide some breathing space between each section. Sumi-E  painting is a delicate process.



Originally these stamps and beautiful brushworks were hand painted in my book as I journey through each shrine and then later inverted into black & white.


It took some time to find suitable maps of Nikko to add to my book I found some very exquisite ones that were antique of which I purchased in Japan I am enjoying the fourth part which explains Kygon falls an incredible waterfall in Nikko I rememeber taking an elevator to reach the top for viewing.