Skylark TV – Watercolour timelapse.

Ok so please enjoy this rather fast timelapse video, the first to be published under the banner Skylark TV on my new youtube channel. I’m happy to have gotten this active as this has sparked a number of ideas involving my artworks. Firstly I think and hope the channel can become active enough that it brings value to people and I shall continue to produce a video a week with a new subject I just need to modify a few things and slow the timelapse down ect.

Secondly I have been working on a new set of designs completely offset from my usual watercolour painting for Merchandise and have some exciting new fresh designs coming out you can be sure I will be promoting this very very SOON. Really looking forward to that.

Lastly I will try and write a blog or Vlog up n here as much as possible and if I keep up with my commitment to producing the Skylark TV channel I dont see why I can’t stop by here. It’s hard work as I am also producing the music with the videos as I have seen copyright issue before and I dont want to compromise my channel. So it is all go ladies and gents. I shall keep you up to date as much as possible.

Thank you