SAIKO-ink show – February 15th – 21st 2021 Opens 11:00 & Closes 19:00

This February 15th I will be opening my debut show in Japan so I am quite excited to announce this. It will be a solo show with all the work consistently done in ink and brush and spray paint. It has been over a year in the making from generating the idea to piecing it together. To give you an insight the idea was born from a metaphor as I thought that I should try an paint something that speaks to the viewer in a variety of way or (thought provoking) but in a way that it’s up to the viewer to decide .I’m not going to actually tell you what it is I’m saying as that would really take away all the fun, and there is humour in the work!

The elements , components stem from my passion for technology and film I alway’s loved the designs from the movie District 9 and the weaponry designs so I did some of my own that I thought would be fitting for the fusion of an animal of some kind and then it was decided that I would use Japanese cat portraiture as they are so mysterious, including some additional Japanese elements to the work. To all my fellow friends I hope you are able to visit my show the address and directions are on the flyer below. and please also visit