SAIKO-ink show – Opening February 15th – 21st 2021 / Jiyugaoka Tokyo

I thought it would be important to share some snaps of some of the works while in production for my first up and coming show in Japan opening this February 15th from 11am – Sunday 21st ending at 5pm .

There will be 11 works on show which have all been done by hand, using ink and brush with a few elements in aerosol. All the works are produced on A2 size on Japanese Illustration board. Each piece of work has taken a long time to produce with a constant revisit and thought process in play,a bit like sculpturing chipping away at the work thoughtfully, shaping and adding until it sits right! I feel that because this Journey producing these works has taken more than a year to do that there has definitely been some outside influence especially through my travels and experiences living in Japan and learning the language. I have picked up on things, hard to explain but I have noticed, and it shows in the work, this wasn’t my intention it automatically happened, though it may have subconsciously. I have learned a few things and that’s good to pass on overall I have just produced some art, but this time around there is a message and I’m happy with that rather than it just being aesthetically pleasing. Also I am not anxious like I used to be about showing my work like in previous show’s which is quite odd, perhaps that’s down to the luxury of time spent in production, who know’s but I am pleased I have done it and share it with the world, and it will all be up on the white walls in the gallery for all to see! enjoy . Details on location are below!