SAIKO-ink show !

SAIKO-ink show begins tomorrow Opening 11am Monday February 15th – 21st closing 5pm.

I am very pleased to announce that I have completed all the work for my show which starts tomorrow, I feel it has been a great achievement! With all that’s been happening you just never know what can get in the way of your vision or if it’s going to actually happen, this includes timing , at one point I didn’t think I could make the deadline in regards to the work as I had also taken on a new Job , juggling hours in my studio seemed almost impossible but no , I did it I painted right up to even yesterday including framing and polishing , then it was packing and off to the gallery I had finishing packing them around 7:30 last night then around 9pm and quite scary earthquake tremor happened and the power was cut thankfully everything was all right, and woke up this morning power back on sun was shining and it was off to starbucks for coffee and then to the gallery 2 set up the work. It was a great day and fun setting up the work , what was great is when you get so finally see each piece up on the gallery wall and I got to enjoy each one I created , I’m looking forward to the door opening tomorrow to the public. It’s quite surreal I finally did it . here is a short video on the set up and some snaps too!