Graffiti Artist  Zach Freshwater : Contact : Shinsenmizu74@yahoo.co.jp

Country of Residence : Japan

Location: Tokyo

Zach produces Technical sci-fi style movement to his works always trying to break new ground in techniques, he started painting Graffiti during highschool originally inspired by The Chrome Angelz in the early 1980’s.  Finishing a Diploma of Interior Design spent 10 years as a draftsperson in Electrical Engineering , during his work produced his own book projects (The Journey of Juaram) which is available for viewing in the Murdoch University Collections Library Perth W.A produced  in 2003 and Nikko – Japan (2009) The books and illustration work and portraiture were a collection of his travels in South Korea and Japan.

After 2009 felt his passion again for his Graffiti style work and has produced work for High profile audio and visual company Bang & Olufsen generating hand painted speaker sleeves for their A9 and A8 product, many murals for restaurants, cafe commissions since and is open for commission today.




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